3D Laser Triangulation

VRmagic Imaging is specialized in the field of 3D measurement using laser triangulation or fringe projection. Tap into our experience and know-how in developing highly customized and reliable 3D OEM solutions.

LineScan3D by VRmagic - high-performance 3D scanner

Robust Profile Extraction

LineScan3D - point cloud and intensiry image

A robust laser line extraction algorithm, optionally FPGA-based and in real time, delivers raw data in outstanding accuracy. Even slightly reflective materials, e.g. metals, can be scanned without problems.

High-End Calibration

Photo of an object scanned under the laser line

For the highest accuracy, for example in measurement technology applications, 3D OEM solutions can be delivered with metrological calibration, offering certified linearity.

Seamless Integration

The RIC10 camera model is suitable for applications with high demands in terms of resolution and speed – such as wafer, panel or PCB inspection.

Integration into existing vision infrastructures can be easily accomplished, for example via a GigE-Vision compatible interface, industry-standard connectors, or interfaces to other devices or applications.


  • Quality assurance
  • Robot control (e.g. bin picking)
  • Automated inspection
  • Measuring technology
  • Identification

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Please note that minimum order quantities may apply. We offer customized evaluation kits including technical support for our OEM customers.

Image Credits: VRmagic Imaging, F. Beier