Multi-Sensor Cameras

Multi-sensor cameras by VRmagic Imaging consist of up to eight image sensors that are connected to a camera base unit using flex-foil cables. This revolutionary camera design makes it possible to capture and process pixel-synchronous images from different perspectives for 360° and 3D applications – with only one camera.

The Big Picture

2D/3D inspection device with eight image sensors

With up to eight pixel-synchronous image sensors connected to one camera base unit, your OEM application can see 360° images and more at the same time. Record high-resolution 2D images, videos, and 3D data at the same time and control other applications autonomously – the possibilities are infinite.

Real-Time Processing

Real-time optical 3D tracking setup with four sensors

Multiple image sensors create vast amounts of data. By exploiting the power of embedded systems and image processing software, FPGA chips, and 10GigE technology, VRmagic Imaging multi-sensor cameras can process the information in real-time via and transmit it via industry-standard interfaces.

Different Image Sensors

2D/3D inspection device with five image sensors

By combining different image sensor types on one camera, different spectral sensitivities and sensor characteristics can be used to get more information from your images. Monochrome or color, rolling or global shutter, CMOS or CCD – a wide range of image sensors is available for your project.

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Image Credits: VRmagic Imaging, F. Beier, D. Scherer, B. Schoene