High-Performance 3D Sensor for Industrial Image Processing

The LineScan3D is a 3D sensor with integrated laser, optics, and protective circuitry. It is ideally suited for 3D and 2D automated optical inspection and easily integrated into an existing vision infrastructure via its GigE-Vision interface.

  • Calibrated, GigE Vision compliant 3D sensor
  • 1000 Hz@360 lines scan rate, 2,048 points per profile
  • On-board FPGA-based laser line extraction
  • Multi-sensor setups without an external controller
  • Optional intensity image and dual exposure
  • Rugged IP65/67 aluminum housing

Calibration with measuring standard

Metrological Calibration

LineScan3D is available with a metrological calibration, offering certified linearity for applications requiring the highest precision. For example, the LineScan3D 01-074 with a working distance of 220 mm and a field of view of 74…97 mm reaches +/-10  µm certified Z linearity.

Video on laser line configuration

Configurable Line Extraction

The FPGA-based real-time extraction of the laser line is configurable and can be adapted to particular applications for excellent raw data quality. Through an optional high dynamic range (HDR) mode, materials with varying surface reflectivity characteristics, for example metals, can be scanned without problems.

LineScan3D multi-sensor setup

Easy Multi-Sensor Setups

To extend the measuring field, you can combine multiple LineScan3D devices to an interleaved multi-sensor setup. There is no need for an external controller. The first LineScan3D, connected to an AB encoder, functions as the master. Connect further devices as slaves in a daisy chain layout.

In addition to output of the laser line and 3D image, the LineScan3D also supplies the brightness values of the laser line, a so-called intensity image.
2D intensity image (bottom left) and 3D point cloud (right)

3D Measurement and 2D Image Processing

In addition to the 3D range map, the LineScan3D also supplies the brightness values of the laser line, the so-called intensity image. This gray value image makes it possible to apply conventional 2D image processing in parallel to the 3D measurement. For example, perform surface inspection or object identification via bar code or OCR in the same scanning process without the need for additional cameras.

Robust IP65/67 housing with M12 connectors

Ready for Industrial Applications

Integration into existing infrastructure is easily accomplished via the GigE-Vision interface, M12 connectors, 24 V power supply, an isolated RS485 interface for ABZ rotary encoder, and trigger. The dedicated redundant laser interlock circuit protects from accidental laser exposure. An IP65/67 housing and optional cooling or air curtains make the LineScan3D perfectly suitable for harsh environments.

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2D and 3D automated optical inspection of a printed circuit board

Photo/video credits: VRmagic Imaging, B. Hummerich, F. Beier